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// welcome ;
welcome to the icon journal of _secondthought!
Old icons located @ reverie_x

// rules ;
1. comment. just let me know which icons you're taking.
2. credit. put eveningcloak in your keywords.
3. no hotlinking. upload icons to your own server.
4. no editing. textless icons are not bases.

// affiliates ;
notley_abbey, theoldvicarage, savageicons, sundaypaper__x, echoism, _blisse, freeze_tag, _jollyholiday, walkingonstilts, on_her_own_, wake_up_naked, mindyourhead_ss, talentspotting, oywiththeicons, heartsdesire, sheld0n, vintageous, tasteoficons___, netherfield_x
Taking a few more affiliates. If you're interested comment here.

// resources ;
all may be be found here.

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